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Herbs on The Hill is for you

At Herbs on the Hill, we understand that abiding by naturopathic advice can be easier said than done. Everyday activities such as work, study and socialising can detract the best of intentions quite easily.

Our approach to naturopathy and herbal medicine takes this into account. Our treatment plans are realistic, with all herbal medicine, vitamin, mineral and diet prescriptions carefully selected to be manageable and effective.

At Herbs on the Hill we aim to provide the highest standards in modern Naturopathic practice, where practitioners show their dedication to quality health care by:

1. Working with our clients to determine the most effective path to overcome health problems and achieve wellness.

2. Prioritising the safety of our clients, particularly those using prescribed pharmaceutical medications or with complex health needs.

3. Holding a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in their chosen field.

4. Respecting the value of research evidence in practice and evaluate all available information (including traditional evidence) to identify the most appropriate and relevant treatment options.

5. Acknowledging the limitations of our scope of practice and referring patients to more appropriate health care providers as needed and without hesitation.

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