Michelle Boyd

Michelle Boyd 3

MHSc (Herbal Medicine)
BHSc (Naturopathy)
Grad Cert (Higher Ed)
My passion for the medicinal and culinary virtues of herbs was first sparked by my late Grandmother which ultimately led me to study in this field and enter this profession, where education continues to play an important role in my life’s journey as a healthcare practitioner.

I am a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath and have been in private practice since 1996. I am also a mother and grandmother and appreciate the many pleasures and pressures that life can bring.

During my practitioner years I have constantly been involved in the education of my peers, students and patients. I have presented at various conferences and seminars and am now in my 15th year of teaching herbal medicine and supervising the student clinic at the Endeavour College of Natural Health (previously the Australian College of Natural Medicine).

I am mindful of the importance for further education and enjoy having full access to the most current scientific information, especially in the field of Naturopathic medicine. Keeping up to date is of great importance as this area is consistently evolving and being moulded to meet the demands of our modern-day society.

Over the last 25+ years I have had the privilege of learning from and working with some of the world’s leading professionals in the field of herbal medicine. I have delved into various areas of clinical practice, particularly female reproductive and gastrointestinal health, stress management and above all preventative care in the promotion of general health and wellbeing.

Of late, I am especially interested in supporting midlife women (being one myself) and their transition through menopause. Although women are highly motivated to seek help for those bothersome menopausal symptoms, there is more to menopause than resolving hot flushes and night sweats – it is most important to consider the bigger picture of what the following decades will hold and particularly a diet and lifestyle that will promote health and vitality during this stage of a woman’s life.

In today’s society, stress is identified as a pre-requisite for the beginnings of ‘dis-ease’. Whether stress be physical, emotional or environmental in origin, I know of no better way to help the body deal with the various acute and chronic ‘dis-eases’ manifested by stress, than with the effective use of quality herbal medicines along with necessary dietary and lifestyle modifications.

The greatest clinical results come from working realistically with my patients and making reasonable recommendations within their budgetary confines and timelines, towards a healthier and happier life.

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